Bella Vista 9 Hole Women's Golf Association


A fun loving group, making friends and playing golf

Sept. 23 - 9:32 am Tee Times at Scotsdale -- AC BD 2 person Scramble

Sept. 30 - 8:0 am Tee Times at Kingswood -- Low Gross /Low New

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What a fun day at the Member-Guest Event

Over 100 friends, new and old, came to golf under sunny skies. Thanks to Rhonda Dietz for putting it all together.

Member Guest Group Shot

Meet Pat Davis - she is handling scoring this year -- she is unable to play but still helps. Be sure to stop by scoring and let her know we appreciate her efforts.

Hope you have an opportunity to see our bulletin board. Diane Dreher is doing a great job of keeping us informed.

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We send cards to our members experiencing illness, death in the family or other difficulties? We need your help - let us know if you are aware of any situations.


9/1 Penny Mosley

9/2 Dee Korte

9/7 Nancy Bumgardner

Jackie Gain

9/9 Virgie Rees-Riedl

9/15 Dianne Dreher

9/16 Glenda Burris

9/29 Donna Meyer


11 Carol Kaufmann

12 Fran Fish

Kathy Swanson

16 Shari Hult

19 Jane Long

20 Arlene Alford

22 Brenda Gardner

24 Martha Condon

27 Denise Kronner

Message from the President

Hooray! for the next few weeks, we will be playing on the 18 hole courses.

  • 9/16 is at Kingswood with 8:00 Tee Times - check the pairings
  • 9/23 is at Scotsdale with 9:32 Tee Times - we will get clarification if we will just play the front 9 or if we can tee off on both sides
  • 9/30 is at Kingswood with 8:00 Tee times

In reviewing the upcoming schedule for golf in October, I am checking with the Golf Office/Paul on the times for our Brittany dates. As we get into later October, if the 5 hole group is playing before us, our start time will probably be later than 9:30. No decisions yet, just a heads up.

SAVE THE DATE. The Social Committee will be starting the planning for the Fall Brunch. It will be at Riordan Hall on Monday, October 28th. Registration forms will be available in the next few weeks.

  1. Scores from Brittany will not be posted until the Gold Tees are approved by the POA and included in the Handicap System
    • Gold tees are not ‘official tees’ and we felt it was important to offer Gold Tees.
  2. Scores from Brittany will be excluded for End of the Year awards
    • Scores from Brittany will be naturally lower than those earned on Regulation Courses and are likely to be the winning scores for Low Net & Low Gross. The difference in the handicap at Brittany could make a significant difference for Most Improved, and to keep it simple, we won’t include putts.
    • Attendance is counted for our days at Brittany. As a reminder, you must attend 50% +1 of club events to be eligible for the end of the year prizes.

Handicap Flags on 3 Pars - no change

I discussed with Keith Ihms the possibility of letting carts with 'blue flag's on the 3 par fairways at Brittany. He explained that due to the slope in a number of areas on the course, it is not safe because carts could tip over and also present a fall hazard for players getting out of the carts in those areas. Therefore, 'blue flag' carts will continue to be Carts on Path, as is the current rule.

Other Bits:

  • If you want to volunteer to be on the calling committee for the Assessment Vote, contact Tammie Lloyd at .
  • Please adhere to the 90 degree rule with your cart, fill divots with sand and repair your ball marks. Let's do our part to help keep the course in great condition.
  • Thanks to Wendy from the Golf Maintenance staff who helped the Memorial Garden Committee by trimming up our shrubs.

1. When playing a team scramble, all players may choose to hit from gold or red tees -Sorry for any confusion on May 13.

2. A Whiff is when you swing the club with the intention of hitting the ball and you miss the ball. A Whiff is all about intention.

Bella Vista 2019 Local Rules

1. All native grass areas are to be treated as a Penalty Area.

2. All permanent Red and Yellow Penalty area stakes are considered immovable obstructions. You can take free relief of swing, stance and line of sight, no closer to the hole, without improving the condition of play. For example, if your ball is in the Penalty Area, relief must be taken within the Penalty Area.

3. All mulched and pine needle areas, and flower pots are considered No Play Zones. Mandatory drop no penalty, no nearer the hole.

4. Unmarked rock drainage is considered Ground Under Repair.

5. All birdhouses and greenside fans are considered temporary immovable Obstructions. Free Relief of swing, stance and line of sight.

6. Washed out areas in bunkers may be played as Ground Under Repair. Free relief by dropping ball back in bunker, no closer to the hole.

2019 Officers

Officers - Jan Franklin, secretary

Karin Fowler, Treasurer

Rhonda Dietz, Vice-President

Margo Eckhardt, Past President

Susan Nuttall, President

2019 Bella Vista 9 Hole Golf Association Chairs

Carol Kaufmann, Donna Meyer, Diane Dreher, Jan Franklin, Karin Fowler, Ruth Hatcher, Margo Eckhardt, Pat Davis, Pat Slatton, Rhonda Clymer Dietz, Sandra Foster, Judy Lemoine, Chris Baker, Kathy King, Andy Jackson, Jane Long, Susan Nuttall, Sue Uhlarick

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