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Hi, Ladies,

I’m sharing with you an email that I just received from Kelli in Golf Ops regarding our Covid-19 golf procedures. Please read her email below.

Three other things before you scroll down to Kelli’s email:

—those of you who played Berksdale on Monday and those who have played it recently, I hope you noticed how beautiful our BV9WGA Garden is by the #4 tee box. Special thanks to Becky Turner, Kathy King, Susan Nuttall, and Jane Long who have volunteered to keep the garden growing. I hope that I didn’t miss naming any garden volunteers but please forgive me if I did and let me know who you are.

—please remember to check frequently the TLC link on our website. Pat Slatton is doing a good job of keeping news about our members and families current and sending cards. The latest TLC update is that Kathy Swanson was hospitalized following a spider bite...I thank those of you who thoughtfully brought her news to my attention. Darla Luzum still is recovering from broken ribs. I hope that she and Kathy are back golfing with us soon.

—a big thank you to Brenda Gardner for taking our photos in our golfing attire so that we can recognize each other behind sunglasses and underneath hats and visors. She and Pat Slatton have posted our photos on our membership link. Great idea!

Rhonda Clymer Dietz

President, BV9WGA

From: Kelli Lawrence <>

I personally want to thank you all for your input last week regarding Phase two changes.

We received several emails from our golfing Membership expressing their concerns about having to play golf with a mask as stated by the Governor and PGA.

After a lot of research and learning what worked and didn’t work with other golf clubs in other States during Phase two roll-out. As well as taking our Memberships safety into account.

We will NOT be making any changes to the current Civid-19 guidelines in golf operations.

The current guidelines (tee times and single cart riders) are working very well, so we will stay running things the same way until Phase Three. If our members feel safe to ride with another member they can! The staff has been instructed to say to players when checking out a cart, “you can ride together if you choose to, it’s up to the you”. Please understand that if you feel safe you can pair up if you so choose, this will help with the high demand on carts during busy times, but safety first!

Golf Operations is working on the schedule for July and updates will be emailed out to you soon, please be patient. They are working on July 1st – 19th.

See you all during the APT/WAPT next week, it’s going to be a great event and we have some super starts playing in the WAPT/APT both will be a full field. Check it out on this week’s golf update coming on Friday.

Thanks again for all your support and remember that NO CHANGE YET!

Stay safe and happy golfing.

We hope that you will encourage others to join our league. Please be aware that, due to the new World Handicap system now in effect, it is essential that new members who do not have established Bella Vista golf course handicaps submit five score cards. There are many us willing to play with new prospective members to help them achieve the scorecards for five 9-hole rounds (an 18-hole round counts as two 9-hole rounds). These score cards can be turned in to Golf Ops at Country Club or to Kathy King, our Big Sister chairperson. Our preseason golf is an excellent way for new members to establish their handicaps.

With the new World Handicap system in effect now, our scoring committee, chaired by Susan Nuttall, has met to be sure that we are ready. Also, Pairings chairperson Margo Eckhardt and her committee have met to make sure that all goes smoothly. Peggy Pfeifer, our Golf Chairperson, and her committee will be coordinating the games and the golf courses, which is especially important this year since we are playing a variety of courses.

There are many women volunteering their time to make sure that you have a wonderful time golfing with BV9WGA this season and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to seeing you at brunch, to golfing with you and to being your president this year.

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