Bella Vista 9 Hole Women's Golf Association


A fun loving group, making friends and playing golf


May 20 - Berksdale 8 am Shotgun - one hole throw-out

May 27 - Memorial Day - No scheduled golf

June 3 - Berksdale - ABCD Scramble

May 17-18 Spring Couples Round Robin Tournament

June 22 - Rally in Pink - Kingswood - 4 person scramble

June 1 - American Legion 12th Annual Golf Tournament at Kingswood.

June 10 - 14 - Northwest Arkansas Charity Classic at Country Club - This is a great opportunity to watch young men trying to reach the PGA.

July 4 - Friends of Highlands 4th of July Scramble

Please help -- notify me, if you are aware of an event or illness of one of our members.

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Meet some of the May 13 participants.

May 13 - Betty Whittington, Rosie Mosier, Brenda Gardner, Wanda Patzer, Arlene Alford, Dee Korte

Denise Kronner, Ann Kedrowski, Elaine Davis

Peggy McManus, Martha Condon

We send cards to our members experiencing illness, death in the family or other difficulties? We need your help - let us know if you are aware of any situations.


8 Ruth Hatcher

9 Elaine Vatalaro

15 Mary Ellen Schulz

20 Chris Baker

28 Brenda Suydam

30 Rebecca Turner


10 - Jackie leonard

14 - Darla Luzum

16 - Barbara Bryan

20 - Elaine Davis & Linda DeShon

22 - Janet Luttrell

26 - Ann McNew

We are pleased to welcome our newest members.

Attention New Members: If I have not taken your photo, please e-mail one to me( or contact me at the course and I will take your photo.

Janet Luttrell

Geri Pampalone

1. When playing a team scramble, all players may choose to hit from gold or red tees -Sorry for any confusion on May 13.

2. A Whiff is when you swing the club with the intention of hitting the ball and you miss the ball. A Whiff is all about intention.

Bella Vista 2019 Local Rules

1. All native grass areas are to be treated as a Penalty Area.

2. All permanent Red and Yellow Penalty area stakes are considered immovable obstructions. You can take free relief of swing, stance and line of sight, no closer to the hole, without improving the condition of play. For example, if your ball is in the Penalty Area, relief must be taken within the Penalty Area.

3. All mulched and pine needle areas, and flower pots are considered No Play Zones. Mandatory drop no penalty, no nearer the hole.

4. Unmarked rock drainage is considered Ground Under Repair.

5. All birdhouses and greenside fans are considered temporary immovable Obstructions. Free Relief of swing, stance and line of sight.

6. Washed out areas in bunkers may be played as Ground Under Repair. Free relief by dropping ball back in bunker, no closer to the hole.

2019 Officers

Officers - Jan Franklin, secretary

Karen Fowler, Treasurer

Rhonda Dietz, Vice-President

Margo Eckhardt, Past President

Susan Nuttall, President

2019 Bella Vista 9 Hole Golf Association Chairs

Carol Kaufmann, Donna Meyer, Diane Dreher, Jan Franklin, Karin Fowler, Ruth Hatcher, Margo Eckhardt, Pat Davis, Pat Slatton, Rhonda Clymer Dietz, Sandra Foster, Judy Lemoine, Chris Baker, Kathy King, Andy Jackson, Jane Long, Susan Nuttall, Sue Uhlarick

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