Our mission is to foster friendships and improve golf skills.

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2023 Member/Guest

Fun had by all at Member/Guest Day!

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2023 Membership Information:

Anne-Marie Steeneck, Membership Chairman is taking applications for 2023.    2023 Membership Application  

Questions: call or e-mail Anne-Marie Steeneck 732-397-0544  or amsteeneck@aol.com.

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Important Action Items:  

Another Message from your 2023 BV9WGA President 

Papa Mike is once again preparing a great brunch for our end of the year meeting.  We will be distributing prizes.  Hope that you can attend.

Margo Eckhardt

Your 2023 President


Ball out of bounds (white stakes) You have two options:

1. You may take a two stroke penalty and drop a ball within two club lengths of the nearest fairway, no nearer the hole, and continue from here   OR

2. You may take a one stroke penalty, go back to where you last hit and play from there.


24       Joann Black

October Birthdays

6      Lou Ann Davis

10    Peggy Rosenthal

12    Kathy Swanson

19    Jane Long

21    Bedetta Valentine

22    Brenda Gardner

24    Martha Condon

30    Kathy Griffith

November Birthdays

 2      Shari Ogburn

14    Peggy McMenus

18    Karen Anderson

18    Betty Whittington

25    Susie Grizzle

26    Carol Moore

27    Rhonda Dietz

December Birthdays

1      Pam Ried

1                    Geri Pampalone

7      Carolyn Newton

15    Judy Lemoine

17    Peggy Pfeifer

18    Kathy King

31       Fran Boulware

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