2020 Photos - New Members

Carolyn Merritt

My husband Clay and I moved from Austin TX to Bella Vista in November 2019. I am new to golf, and even newer to keeping score - prior to January, I would always just pick up my ball and hit from wherever Clay's ball landed. We have two adult children, who live in St Louis and Austin. I enjoy reading, waterskiing, hiking and gardening. I am excited about playing golf with such an amazing group of ladies. Everyone has already been so encouraging and fun to play with.

Dana Hill

Vicki Marts

My husband, Jeff, and I moved from Wichita Kansas to Bella Vista about three and a half years ago. We both enjoy golfing and bass fishing and are really loving retirement life! I'm excited to start my second year of golf this spring and hoping to learn a lot by playing with this awesome group.

Lisa Velo

Mary Rice

I moved here 7yrs ago from So Cal

I came here because my brother lives here and started playing golf about 2 yrs ago

I am looking forward to playing and getting to know everyone

Michelle Poplin

Kathy Griffith

I have lived in Bella Vista for 15 years and recently retired from Walmart Corporate Real Estate. I played on golf teams in high school and college, but then work-a-day life took over so I’ve only played a half dozen times in the past 40 years. Ready to get back to it! Be patient, I’m very inconsistent but hoping to get better. I’m not competitive. I just love the beauty of the outdoors and good company.

Mary Henning

I started golfing in 2010 when we moved to Bella Vista. My other hobbies include line-dancing, hiking, and reading. My husband Charlie and I have three children and three grandchildren. I’m looking forward to making new friends in our 9 hole group.

Lisa Velo, Mary Rice, Vicki Marts

Fran Boulware -- Fran is one of our new members. She moved here about 4 month ago from Columbus, Ks. and married Jay, who has lived here for 21 years. They both had lost spouses. He also was from Columbus so they had known each other for 40 years. Together they have 6 children, 11 grand children and 2 great grand children. Fran has not played golf for the past 8 years as she was the care giver to her late husband. Jay had her fitted for new golf clubs and she's taken some lessons from Hillery. What a great start Fran. Welcome to the 9 Hole Golf Club!

Pam Larimer

My husband and I moved to Bella Vista last October and was just getting so excited to be able to get out and get involved in golf and all that Bella Vista has to offer. We moved here to be close to our daughter, son-in-law and our granddaughter born last August, they live in Rogers. We are also tennis players, but looking forward to trying to play golf again. We moved here from Maumelle, AR and so excited about a new chapter in our life and being first time grandparents, it is hard to top that. I am still working on my handicap, I still need one more 9 hole round and then I will be set to play when we are finally able to get out in groups again

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2019 Hole-in-one winners

Carol Kaufmann, Sandra Foster, Darla Luzum

2019 Members with 20+ years in the club were recognized at the Brunch

Arlene Alford - 24

Ruth Hatcher - 24

Darlene Manchester - 25

Peggy McMenus - 24

Peggy Pfeifer - 22

Leah Tingbald - 21

Mimi Tyte – 22

2019 Member/Guest Photos

August 5th participants

We love to get together for golf, food, and fun!

July 29th Players

Peggy McMenus, Barb Jenner

Darlene Manchester, Ann Kedrowski, Sandra Foster, Gayle Winsor, Paul

Betty Whittington, Becky Turner, Andy Jackson

Margo Eckhardt, Darlene Manchester, Betty Whittington, Elaine Davis

Pat Slatton, Dee Korte, Gayle Berkeley

Donna Meyer, Sue Prather

Sue Uhlarik, Virgie Rees-Riedl, Wanda Patzer, Roxann Apathy, Dianne Dreher

Jane Long, Karen Rasmussonm Ann McNew

Peggy Pfeifer, Paulette Conerton, Dianne Dreher, Bobbie Morgan

2019 New Comers

Shawn Grigsby

Julia Doverspike and Penny Mosley

Darla Luzum, Dee Rader, Jackie Gain

Roxann, Apathy, Betty Daw, Jan Taylor

Brenda Suydam, Denise Kroner, Dee Korte

Jo Hogan

Jackie Leonard, Heather Fillmman, Glenda Burris, Judy Loyd

Janet Luttrell

Geri Pampalone

Val Leclair

Gayle Winsor

Kay Shields

April 22 Scoring Committee

Margo Eckhardt, Andy Jackson, Juliea Doverspike

Bobbie Morgan & Arlene Alford

Fran Fish & Darlene Manchester

Judy Lemoine and Chris Baker

Betty Whittington, Brenda Gardner, Andy Jackson, Leah Tingblad

Kathy King & Paulette Conerton

2019 Officers

From Left: Jan Franklin (Secretary), Karin Fowler (Treasurer), Rhonda Dietz (Vice President), Margo Eckhardt (Past President), Susan Nuttall (President)

2019 Board and Committee Chairs

From Left: Carol Kaufmann (Gifts) Donna Meyer (Gifts), Diane Dreher (Bulliten Board), Jan Franklin (Secretary), Karin Fowler (Treasurer), Ruth Hatcher (Rules), Margo Eckhardt (Pairings/Past President), Pat Davis (Nominations, Telephone, Scoring), Pat Slatton (Website, Courtesy), Rhonda Dietz (Vice President), Sandra Foster (Recorder) , Judy Lemoine (Social), Chris Baker (Golf), Kathy King (Big/Little Sister), Andy Jackson (Pairings/Scoring), Jane Long (Membership) Susan Nuttall (President), Sue Uhlarik (Memorial Garden) Absent: Elaine Vatalaro (Scoring)